Aluplast is committed to protecting the environment.

A major player in the food and non-food packaging industry in France, environmental concerns are at the heart of Aluplast’s strategy.

The R&D sector is tasked with designing and stocking, where possible, environmentally friendly packaging products.

This desire to develop clean and ethical packaging led to the creation of the “Nature et Création” certificate. This certificate encompasses a full range of packaging and disposable tableware made from recyclable, biodegradable and compostable sugar cane fibre.
Since joining the French Sustainable Development and Environment Managers Network in 2014, Aluplast has put in place concrete solutions for improving its environmental performance.
Strict standards of ecodesign, energy savings and waste recovery are respected at every stage of the manufacturing process.
As part of our CSR policy, we aim to reduce our impact on the planet. The use of recyclable material, such as cardboard and sugar cane fibre, is just the first step. Aluplast ensures sustainable development, through simple actions, every day.

Finally, we are increasingly demanding of our suppliers. Their commitment to an environmentally responsible approach consistent with our values is part of our selection criteria. It is only by working together that we will be able to leave our children a cleaner planet.
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